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Application of power tools
People who are in the power tool industry or engaged in the power industry know the application field and industry status of the power tool industry. Today we are popularizing the application field and industry status of power tools to let more people know And understand this industry.

Power tool application

l Drilling, sawing, polishing, derusting, grinding and fastening of screws, bolts and nuts in the machinery industry.

l Drilling of cement, reinforcement, wall slotting, concrete mixing, ceramic tile cutting, etc. in building decoration.

l Water conservancy construction, tunnel construction, rock excavation, concrete reinforcement in farmland mines, etc.

l Logging, material collection, tree planting, pruning, lawn repair, broken branches, etc. in horticulture and forestry construction.

l Sawing, planing, cutting, engraving, polishing, etc. in wood processing and manufacturing. In addition, there are some special applications of the medical industry, the arts and crafts industry and other special types of industries. Therefore, the application of power tools has penetrated into various industries and is very extensive.

Analysis of the future development direction of electric tools

l The change of power supply mode, the widespread application of new lithium energy is a developing trend, but it is temporarily unable to replace DC power tools. The main reason is that lithium power generation has low power, no durability, and cannot meet large-scale high-intensity construction operations, but The emergence of lithium electric tools brings another development direction to the current industry.

l The popularization of home use of power tools is now happening and the trend that will inevitably go in the future. This requires the multi-use of one machine and the composite generation of power tools. These problems are still being solved.

l With the continuous innovation of electronic technology, the motor technology is also undergoing changes, and a qualitative leap is taking place. Slowly, the technology is more advanced, the design is simpler, the use and maintenance are more aspects, and the performance is more excellent.

l The emergence of intelligent interactive systems is to make electric tools take a step forward, make tools more intelligently developed, let them gradually enter the family, affect human life and promote human development.
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